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I've totally blown it this time!

I got an E in Photography! I know it's not the end of the world, but I don't know what to do!

Another GoAnimate film?

Been making a lot of these lately

Really bad fantasy box art

I'm working on a video project with my college library and the librarians in charge just asked me to come up with a cover design for the disk, I look for inspiration on this site, I kinda wanna do a homage to those Criterion DVDs. People have been creating those a lot in Photoshop, and they can make medicore/stupid films like Heavyweights and Good Burger look like Cannes winners. Well here is some bad fantasy box art (that I could find)
This woman is pretty dumb for a mother
Be nice to her, she has Autism
"Drake and Josh Do I Carly" Heh heh, huh huh, they said "do it"!
Yaay, cars go vroom!
You guys UR MEAN
He likes Tuff Puppy
Who would want to play this?
Furries in my Star Wars

New Group!

It's basically like DA Snark, but a little different!

The King's Speech

I saw "The King's Speech" yesterday and it was really good, you should see it if you get  the chance. Helena Bonham Carter plays Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and for once in a long time isn't playing a deranged pyscho, so her "Snot Topic" fangirls will be disappointed. Timothy Spall plays Churchill, did Sir Winston ever have a rodent-like face?
It's snowing and class is fixing to start!

Devious Journal Entry

Oswald is tired of your bull
by ~HCShannon on deviantART

There's gonna be some bawwwwwwing tonight!


This site has just had a MAJOR update and now you can check and/or add ANY movie or TV from IMDB to the site
I need to get cracking!