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First day as a College grad

Well, I made and I'm bored!
I wish the people who make Star Wars Uncut would do the 5 other movies and give Lucas a run for his money with his 3d rerelease! Maybe start with the Phantom Menace and conincide!
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I saw The Muppets yesterday and it led me to get an idea. Maybe Disney, Sesame Workshop, and the Henson company should make a documentary-miniseries about the history of Jim Henson and the Muppets, think "The Beatles Anthology" or "Monty Python: Amost The Truth" here's what the outline could be...

Episode 1: Henson's early life; Getting into TV; meeting Jane Nabel; creating "Sam and Friends"; making commericals; hiring Jerry Juhl, Frank Oz, etc; making commericals, Time Piece and other films; appearances on Sullivan and Carson, helping develop and new kid's show on public TV.

Episode 2: Sesame Street; Sesame Street's sucess and popularity; Kermit becoming a full fledged frog; attempting to pitch the Muppet Show; Land of Gorch on SNL and it's failure; Lord Lew Grade taking interest in the Muppet Show.

Episode 3: The Muppet Show; Filming in England, Guest Stars, The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, Muppets Take Manthattan, Founding the Creature Shop

Episode 4: Fraggle Rock, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Muppet Babies, The Jim Henson Hour, The Storyteller, Henson's death

Episode 5: Post-Henson, The 90s-2000s, current projects, Sesame Street today; "The Muppets" movie, future speculations....

Imagine all the clips and interveiws and sources (the Muppet Wiki included) they could use for this!

One suggestion for episode 5, the Wrong Sounding Muppets skit from Family Guy

Catching up

A lot to catch you up on
1. I will be graduating from college in December
2. I'm now selling some of my art in a real store
3. I'm worried about my dog and his health, he's 13, but I looked up his breed's life expectancy and they usually live to be over 15.
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My thoughts

There are some things I was always fascinated by in history such as Abraham Lincoln, The Manson Murders, The Dionne Quintuplets, The Triangle Factory Fire, and the Munich Massacre.

The Munich Massacre stands out in my mind, mostly because of how a peaceful happy, event uniting the world being held in a country trying to change it's scarred reputation could turn ironic and violent, we could discuss shit like politics, religion, and security for hours, but 11 innocent people got killed, for something their country was doing that they were probably had nothing to do with.

I'm mentioning this right now because Guri Weinberg, an Israeli actor who will be playing one of the vampires in the next two Twilight flicks is the son of Moshe Weinberg, a Wrestling coach who was among the Israelis killed and Guri was month-old baby. Guri would later portray his father in Spielberg’s movie "Munich". I wonder if young girls who are Twihards will now become interested in find out about the Massacre

The last movie I saw in the theaters was "The Conspirator" about the Lincoln assassination,but that movie was not very sucessful and I did not create a huge interest in people wanting to find out more about it. I had to explain a lot of things to my mom when we watched, because she didn't know Booth was an actor or about Powell/Payne attacking Seward and Atzerodt attempt to assasinate Johnson.

It's just, I get really absorbed in things and it's difficult to explain!

Also I'm going to be taking photography again in the summer, so that will probably fix that E!